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Nandub_OnePass updated
03/25/2003 11:15 am

Happy spring break for those of us in school. This will be my last one, I certainly hope. I made a small update to Nandub_OnePass with a new feature called OP/ED saver. If you don't know what OP/ED is, that's the opening and closing sequences, another word this is for the credit scenes in movie. I added it out of my own need when I noticed that vertical scrolling credits were adding huge oversize. This feature will ensure that such scenes will stay within the bitrate. See the Nandub_OnePass page.

Review: Patapata hikosen no boken
07/21/2002 1:15 am

This was a five star show early on and it deserved it. It had all the element of a classic show with very good animation and story. But around midpoint, the quality staggered greatly to the point of ridiculousness. This seemed to be the effect of the production being handled over the "east sea". This continued up to the last episode, where it changed drastically with superbly emotional ending. Granted, most of it was a repeat of some very highly known shows of the past (FBC, Laputa, and even Saber Marionette J or Majo no Takkyubin), but it was solid nevertheless. Good to see a shot at a classic style adventure show for once in a long while.

Episodes: 26
Rating: 3/5

Ghost in the Shell TV
07/20/2002 8:59 pm

This (or this) is good news I guess. Redo of old stuff again, but hopefully it can bring back some quality to anime.

Okojo-san Scripts
06/23/2002 8:35 pm

I've uploaded the scripts for Okojo-san eps 1 to 3 in the fansub section. Enjoy.

I haven't really started on the next eps, there may not be next one since my interest in anime has gone down fairly quickly, though I still enjoy some select titles like Guns Frontier or Azumanga, I seemed to have lost interest for most usual titles.

I would still like to do pick episodes of Okojo-san, since it has some that are just amazingly well done. But it's getting tougher to find time to do it these days.

Detroit Matsuri
06/14/2002 1:32 am

Whee! Some wild times at Woodward Ave. Everyone was so friendly and without any trouble. Wake up call for anyone who was expecting riots and property damanges. Big hugs to everyone who were there celebrating.

And in about 2 hours the matsuri will be moving over to Japan I hope. I'll be trying to stay up for it sipping coffee out of Di Gi Charat mug nyo!

Okojo-san ep2
06/01/2002 4:08 pm

The next episode of Okojo-san is coming up tonight. Woohoo! Check it on your local news provider. The third episode is half way done as well so it should be good to go for the next weekend. Though I just noticed I may have problem with the source. If anyone have high quality versions you can share with, let me know at uc at undercut.org.

Games in Cybercafe
04/12/2002 4:06 am

I've wrote a bit about usage of PC games for business the last time, and here's an interesting news story from last December in Singapore. Apparently, police did raids on couple of cybercafe with PC games to get the point across that the cafes need to pay up more for licensing than those intended for home use. I'm surprised that there actually are that many cybercafes doing this since EULA in 99% of PC games since mid 90's has stated not to be used for any commercial purpose. I really like what AdSpace is proposing (the one going after the cafes, I guess like BSA of Singapore), that these special licensing cost "at least 50%" more than retail.

I don't know what these cafe owners are complaining about, because it is such a good deal still. Though when you think of purchasing these games for cafes, you have to think in quantity and scale that properly to the total investment cost for these businesses. Let's say a cafe operates 10 PCs with games, then that cafe would need to invest for 10 such special licenses. So the proposal by AdSpace would cost something like $100x10 = $1000 instead of $500 than they currently do in violation of the existing EULA. Compare that with what arcade owners invest to obtain new coin-op units which last I've heard is $2000 to $5000.

So that is still too good a price and I'm sure some publishers would laugh at it. The setup that I would like to see in the EULA for games is a special section for use specifically for business purpose that is purchasable without any complicated contract. One easy way of doing this is to require multiple licenses to equate to one of these special licensing, let's say 3 retail licenses for 1 commercial license. So all small businesses have to do is go out and pick up 3 licenses of a game instead of trying to make a deal with the publishers who would not likely to deal with small businesses unless they already have such sales in routine.

Myth of Microsoft business licensing
03/30/2002 8:36 am

There is, or was a short while ago, a lot of talk about how expensive the licensing from Microsoft is becoming for many businesses, especially big ones. After doing some research on software licensing for small business I'm trying to setup, I have to conclude that Microsoft has one of the best and cheapest licensing terms for small business. From the consumer point of view, their product for home use is expensive ($300 for Win2K Pro, $500 for Office XP) so it's easy to nod to the tone that their business licensing is also expensive.

However, the biggest point that people are forgetting is that Microsoft does not offer separate licensing of their software for business use and consumer home use. That is you can use their software to make money as stipulated in End User License Agreement. (MS does try to do this on technical level with Windows XP Home and Pro, but licensing terms remain the same and you can still use Home version at business) So when comparing their licensing cost, it cannot be compared to consumer aimed software such as those from Symantec or Roxio. It's more comparable to software from Adobe, Macromedia, Sun, and Oracle. Now compare what kind of cost they are charging for their software licenses for what they're providing, and Microsoft suddenly seem like on your side especially from small business stand point.

Real examples: Win2K Pro SP2 OEM and Office XP Pro OEM can be had for $400 total. If you want to get Adobe Photoshop, you'll have to cough up $500 for that alone when you could buy Paintshop Pro for $110. Macromedia Dreamweaver cost at least $350, while Microsoft offers Frontpage 2002 at less than $200. (those who have actually used Frontpage 2002 can attest how good it has become since the days of FP97, though still not quite Dreamweaver but close or better on many points like tabbed interface and display accuracy) So in reality, Microsoft software are a bargain for small business. Bloated maybe, but not overpriced.

On the side note, Microsoft is the only game publisher I know of that allows their games to be used for business. Maybe it's just that they have not updated their EULA for games. Compare EULA on AOE2 and Quake or Starcraft for example, and MS's license give far more usage rights than ID or Blizzard. MS's EULA starts off with (paraphrasing):

"You may install, use, access, display, run, or otherwise interact with (“RUN”) one copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, or any prior version for the same operating system, on a single computer, workstation, terminal, handheld PC, pager, “smart phone,” or other digital electronic device (“COMPUTER”). The primary user of the COMPUTER on which the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is installed may make a second copy for his or her exclusive use on a portable computer."

And there's no restriction given on the use of for commercial purpose. It is just like all of their other software licenses. Compare to that, ID's Quake's EULA states (paraphrasing):

"3. Prohibitions with Regard to Software. You, either directly or in- directly, shall not do any of the following acts:"
"f. in any other manner and through any medium whatsoever commercially exploit the Software or use the Software for any commercial purpose;"
"j. publicly display the Software;"

As you can see, this is really a broad restriction that pretty much prohibits you doing anything commercial or go anywhere near it. For example, let's say you have a programming company and one of the benefit for your programmers is that they can play games at lunch cause you're cool like that. According to ID, you cannot give your employees Quake since that will be benefitting to your business by increasing employee moral. Imagine if you're a game developer, this EULA will pretty much forbid any developers to play Quake since it will be benefitting for commercial development of their games. (or in actuality, 99% of the games on the market since this is a very standard clause it seems) Can it be that no developer has ever been inspired by playing Quake? If anyone state such a thing, they could be digging themselves into violation of ID's EULA.

Detractors will point out that ID won't sue you for such use or that these clause was not meant to prohibit such things. However, businesses have a need to stay clearly legal, as even a thought of flaw in their legality can mean huge legal problems especially when your competitor gets a hold of it. If the line is not clear, businesses need to stay far behind it much more so than individuals.

If anyone knows of any other publisher that allows their games to be used for business use, please let me know.

Seisouhen (spoilers!)
03/22/2002 9:53 pm

That's the new Kenshin OAV ofcourse. When I saw the first part, I couldn't figure out why some things were done, but now with it concluding I can see it's about life coming full circle. The biggest thing I came off from watching it was this feeling of time passing, the progress of life. There seems to be a lot of criticism about it being too far off from the TV/Manga series especially regarding Kaoru. Look at it from the view of 15 years of time passed since the event of those series, and it makes perfect sense. I felt Kaoru's behavior was perfectly justified, as she and Kenshin felt each other's love and support throughout this time, even if they weren't together physically. After a long time, both were dependent on each other.

Kaoru said she did not want to be left alone. There was only one thing that dying Kenshin could do to her to make that happen and that's allow her to die with him. Certainly it's not easy to get happy about that, but I can agree with what she and he did. Through the first OAV, the TV series, and this final OAV, it really gave me a sense of life passing that's eerily realistic, almost biographical.

03/14/2002 8:33 pm

You know, I like the Netfirms. They seem to have dropped out the pop-up ads and they have pretty good speed. Only drawback is they have filesize limit of 250k, but there seems to be a hole in that. In any case, their bandwidth limit of 1GB per month is still too tight.

In a few days, DNS will update and it should point to a new host. Things will get sorted out then.

Site Down
03/13/2002 5:21 pm

Ouch. Hypermart decided to delete my account for some unknown reason. But given their dangerous popup ads with Gator trojan, it was good time to move on.

I'll be back soon, hopefully with some new hosts without ads.

That girl from Okojo-san
02/18/2002 2:29 am

I don't know if much folks follow this show, but finally that girl who was in the OP from the first episode shows up at episode 18. I mean she's all over the OP from the first episode and 18 weeks later she shows up. What a cruelty!

OTOH, CG from this episode was very impressive taking a break from the usually dull visual. Sort of like that legendary episode from Fruits Basket. (also 18, was it?)

128k upload is not broadband
02/05/2002 2:20 am

Wake up Comcast. 128k up speed is not broadband, it's ISDN. Everyday I use this blasted connection, my stress level constantly rises, and I've only been on it for about a week. Listening to Gene Shaft soundtrack and imagining my cable modem smashing through a Comcast bill collection center eases it a bit, but only temporary. Damn it, I need broadband. I'm planning to move, so I'll be making sure I have a choice at my next location. Comcast is not a fucking choice.

Easy way to stream video
01/31/2002 12:38 am

One of the great use I've discovered about having the hacked MS-MPEG4v3 & WMAv2 codecs (as in the pack) is that you can create simple streamable videos with VirtualDub or even Nandub as the encoder.

You would first create an AVI with the said codecs with whatever method you prefer. (for Nandub, change the Div3 fourcc code to mp43) And afterwards, you just pass it through vid2asf tool. After that, create a ASX file and throw them up on a regular web server.

Ofcourse, this does not provide some advanced features of a real streaming server like automatic multi-bitrate switching and limited copy control. (which is so easy to work around, mind as well make it easy) But it also have many great advantages.

1.) This format is supported by default on almost all Windows workstations. Making it great for business use where software installation may be restricted or undesired. Unlike WMV, MS-MPEG4v3 encoded ASF files can be played back without addtional codecs with older OSes like Windows 98.

2.) It can be created with any video tools that support AVI output, allowing for high quality, efficient encoded ASF files than even Microsoft's own tools.

3.) Works on web server of any OS unlike Microsoft's media server that only runs on Win2K Server, and unlike RealServer that costs thousands of dollars just for medium scale deployment. If used with throttle controlled web server, it makes for very efficient stream server.

At work, I used to run RealServer. But I'm going to use this and see how this goes. Already I've gotten good feedback because many people in my company didn't have RealPlayer setup with right firewall setting (it needed to be set to use HTTP only) so they could not use it at all.

Nandub is Dead
01/21/2002 10:04 am

Nandub/Divx3/MS-MPEG4 is dead, DivX4 is in. I've been using DivX4 a lot recently, and I'm finding that D4 is very strong at high-resolution. With MS-MPEG4, it seemed that at high-res, you get too much artifacts with low bitrate. With D4, I'm finding that it loses detail before introducing artifacts. This is good in high res because you have a lot of detail to start off with, but not so good at low res.

But since Divx4 will lose detail as needed, there's no need to resize down. Keep the full res of the source (640xXXX) and let divx4 handle it. I've done some captures and DVD rips, and it works equally well on both. So if you have high-res source, forget Nandub. I'm still experimenting with different options, but I've been having nice result with normal 1-Pass mode (not quality based) with settings similar to Nandub_OnePass method.

On the audio side, I still find WMA V2 (aka DivX Audio) to be a very good codec for audio in AVI. MP3 audio is great, but unless bitrate is or is higher than 128kbps, I'd much prefer WMA V2 at 64kbps. It's small and crude, but is fast and has great frequency response. IMO a great feature set for AVI audio. I know a lot of people compare the quality of WMA V2 with MP3 of 128kbps or VBR and say it's bad, but that's not a fair comparison. At comparable bitrate, WMA V2 is the best. BTW, the codec has been part of this pack for ages.

Anime Impressions
01/16/2002 5:12 pm

I've been working on the anime impressions page (it's under the articles section), which has quitely been up for a couple of weeks. It's just a list of what I think of some anime I've watched. I've thought about putting in more detailed reviews, but that's a bit of work. So this gotta do for a while.

I need to work on the Doraemon sub soon. I haven't even started on the eps 2. But doing the first one was pretty fun. It's nice to be able to work with funny shows that you like. Galaxy Angel wasn't all that fun to work on after a while. The show just isn't that good.

Broken in
12/28/2001 12:50 am

On the eve of 25th, my car was broken in. As I left for work in the morning, I noticed the doors on both side were not fully closed and the lock on driver's side was busted. Inside, the dash board was yanked out. Only thing they took was the car stereo (Aiwa CDC-MP3) and a steering wheel cover. (I guess they liked it, too) I drive a cheap car, so I never really worried about it, and now this. (and on X-mas night. Not enough presents this year, eh?) Though I'm not that upset, as insurance will cover the losses. A CD book was left intact so I'm glad for that. I would've been most upset if I lost that one which contained about 10 custom CD-roms. I certainly hope the measely $50 is going to good cause like buying food or weed, and not cracks and beer.

A cop came to "filed a report" ofcourse, but she didn't care much at all. She took a look at the car about 30 seconds and didn't even ask what kind of stereo it was. Yeah, I'm sure they'll find it now. The bodyshop the insurance sent me over to was extremely presant unlike my dealership. It took about 10 minutes and I was on the way. A nice fellow fixed up the dashboard a bit so it at least looks normal too.

るろうに剣心 星霜編 上巻
12/10/2001 9:17 pm


Galaxy Angel - 08 Script
11/15/2001 7:07 am

I've just posted the said script in the fansub section. With that, I'll call my GA fansubbing the end. This subbing was my first attemp and was a complete mess. I started with Ep 3, 2, 1, then 4 etc. I've experimented with different sub and hard subbing formats and it got released in many different versions. It was a rough start for sure.

I haven't decided what I'm going to sub next, but I have a rough idea. It's a old serie started in the end of the 1970s and still being made today. I love the old stuff ;-)

Nandub_OnePass Updated
11/09/2001 9:05 pm

I've updated the Nandub_OnePass and removed all items that relates only to 2 pass encoding mode. It should now be extremely simple to figure out and put to use. Configuration dialogue now only have 2 tabs instead of 5.

Nandub in Japan
11/07/2001 9:11 pm

Just to show how unpopular Nandub is in Japan right now, check the result for "Nandub" search in Google.co.jp. Something's wrong there...

10/31/2001 9:05 pm

In the last couple of weeks, I've just about completely switched over to using Mozilla instead of IE. I used to use IE and Opera interchangably before, but from the stability, compatibility, features, and page load speed wise I think Mozilla has it few steps further than the rest. The addition of tabbed interface has really did me in. So far, I haven't had any web site that it did not work properly.

Add to that the easy install of just unzipping, the daily builds, and being open source, it should be well on its way (back?) to being a serious competitor to MS.

10/20/2001 8:35 pm


Galaxy Angel - 08, done.
10/11/2001 7:22 pm

I've had GA ep 8 done for a couple of weeks, but I'm still holding until I can get the DVobSub with SSA to work stably. Hopefully this weekend or next week it can go out.

I'm also considering posting a hardsubbed version along. This is since there'll always be people like Anime-Empire who would take the stuff, hardsub it and call it their own. I still don't want to compromise on the advantages of softsub in any case.

undercut.orgをdual languageに
10/09/2001 10:47 pm

これ、しばらく思ったんですが、どうかなア。 日本語と英語の両方を書くっツーのが大変っぽくて。。 でもやっぱり、自分としても、このsiteとしてもやってみたい。 まア、期待してください。

I've been thinking for a while to turn this site to dual-language, Japanese/English. But it seems like a lot of work as that'll take 2 writings of everything. But I want to try it out for myself as well as for the site. See where it goes.

DVD-R: Now or Later
10/06/2001 10:53 am

It seems that DVD writers are starting to look very appealing. Today, you could pick a writer for about $550, and 4.7GB media can be had for about $6. In comparison to storage size of CD, that's less than $1 per CD. So already it is reaching the area of cost/storage ratio of CDs. Imagine the price when it becomes much more common format next year. I remember when I first bought a CD-R drive around 96-97, I used to pay $5 for blanks, and that was the bulk price. I wouldn't be surprised if we see DVD-R blanks for $2 next year.

But getting back to the topic, only question is when to make the move. Would there be a sharp drop on the drives by early next year? Let's say we'll see a better drive in 6 month for half price, would that be worth the wait? CD-Rs been here for years, 6 month isn't a long wait for the big switch. And by then, media should be cheap enough to equal or even beat CD-Rs for cost/storage ratio.

But one of these days, and soon, the wait'll be just too much...

Open Directory
09/20/2001 3:18 pm

Accoding to the Open Directory Project (which is used by Google, AOL, etc.) I'm now a subtitler ;-) I didn't submit it, but oh well. BTW, there's no anime for download here, just scripts.

Back in US
09/03/2001 8:30 pm

Well, I'm back now. You know the first thing I did? I started up Starcraft and Counter Strike ;-) Somehow I had a desire to fire up some of those hardcore classics. I guess it's from all that fighting games and PS2's. (Final Fantasy X was all over the place in Japan)

Also I just had to get a laptop. It's really stupid to get a laptop AFTER taking a 3 week trip, but it occured to me I won't be able to live without one now. So I now have Toshiba 3000-S353. Nice value for $1500 with GeForce 2 Go. Now I need another vacation to put it to good use ^_^;

Fansub Section
06/06/2001 7:53 am

I've opened up a fansub section. I was actually going to work on a separate site just for it, but now I think it's not such a big deal and just normal programmer laziness creeping in. So I'll just put them up right here.

On the separate note, I had to delete bunch of stuff from the download section. Reason is that it's using up too much bandwidth. When I signed up with Hypermart on this account many years ago (this account uses server #2 out of 50 or so they have), there were no limit on bandwidth. Now they have 500mb limit for the new accounts (along with credit card number requirement), and my site used double that in a week. I may need to take the whole thing down otherwise and it's not fun to move a site. Funny part of Hypermart's arrangement is that they provide 50mb of space, but only 500mb of transfer. That's just sad...

Ziff-Davis open source quark
06/02/2001 4:03 am

I recently found this very nice utility called NetPerSec which is freeware and comes with source code. It's a network speed meter similar to others like DUMeter, but it actually shows a small graph right in the tray icon instead of brinking arrows.

Pretty nice deal coming from ZDnet who bought out many good sites like softseek and winfiles and shut it down the next day, literally. Though the little sad part is license on this is very strinct. You cannot redistribute any part of the util, like source or original zip file. I made a few modifications to it to suite my needs, but it's unfortunate that this license would prohobit from sharing it with anyone. I wouldn't even be able to send it to the original developers. LOL.

Some links
05/29/2001 4:47 am

Whew. Busy busy week. 3 day weekend and thinking finally some free time, and boom, my PC gets into trouble. My main system drive was dead. (IBM Deskstor 8GB, 3yrs old) I'm still trying to find out if warranty's good, but I doubt it has 5 yr, since it's usually 3. Had to do the whole reinstall thing.

Couple of new links were added. One is Binary News Reader, a freeware newsreader. I actually tried it sometime last year, but didn't quite like it. But now it's awesome. Much better than Newsgrabber. But I'll keep an eye out for the new ZeoNews that's about to come out. Still it'll be tough to top BNR, as it's getting better all the time too.

Second one is DescExt. This is a really useful freeware util that adds Descript.ion support to Explorer (new column) or to right-click. For those that don't know, Descript.ion is a format that is generally used with ACDSee image viewer to add description to files, and both BNR and Newsgrabber uses it to add subject line to downloaded files. With DescExt, you can see this extra info when you right click on a file. I've never been able to get Explorer extension to work, but right-click version works great. (just install it, and remove the shortcut it creates in StartUp folder)

More on Nandub One Pass VBR Config
05/02/2001 6:01 pm

I've updated the Nandub configs and created a page for brief instruction.

Nandub One Pass VBR Config
04/22/2001 9:51 am

I still don't have any guide for Nandub, but I do have a few config files in the download section. I've been having problem verifying some information, so guide is coming slow. I'll have to revise most of what I've already done.

But for those interested in doing single pass encoding with Nandub, check out the config file and let me know what you think. Make sure to read the comments contained in the file.

Watercooled System
04/19/2001 7:58 pm

The other day was unseasonably hot day in Michigan. It was around 60, and all of the sudden my system started to crash. No question, my Celeron-2 550 overclocked to 800 was having overheat problem. I like to keep my systems quite, so I use the least amount of fans as I possibly can. I had to open up my case to keep my system running that day. Imagine if temp goes up into the 80's soon.

But I think my worries are over now. I spotted this watercooling system today over at ARS. Just in time. It comes in nice case too, which I needed replacement anyway. Can't wait to get that running.

Nandub One Pass VBR Guide on Friday
04/17/2001 12:24 am

I'll post the Nandub One Pass VBR guide this Friday (or late Thursday). It was interesting writing this guide because it seems as though I was the only one in the world who even knew Nandub can be used for one pass use. Oh well, I guess it's just the beginning.

Also I think a lot of people who are using 2 pass method from Doom9's guide etc. are missing some critical clues about VBR video in general like idea of bits reservoir and how it is useless with VBR video.

Wait and see.

Oh, and probably the best and most reliable resources for MS-MPEG4 info is MSDN Online Windows Media Developer Center. No matter how much you may hate them, they are the real source. Their newer technologies (WME7/8) are derivatives of their original MPEG4, and a lot of information there are valid for V2/V3 as well.

04/13/2001 6:05 am

I've been pretty much blown away with Nandub. It've never seen anything close to the quality I'm getting with it, and I'm doing it in single pass only! Forget SVCD. This gets way better quality for half the size.

I'll write up a Nandub single pass guide soon.

More updates
04/01/2001 10:05 pm

It should be the last one for a while, but a lot of updates been made to the MPEG4 Pack. Basically it now uses all of the newest codecs available.

Windows Media Audio takes back DivX Audio
03/31/2001 11:29 pm

MS-MPEG4 Codec Pack has been updated with addition of Windows Media Audio V1/V2 codec (with a minor hack to allow encode in AVI), which is aka DivX Audio. It completely replaces DivX Audio from encoding to playback. In fact, installer will uninstall DivX Audio.

Don't worry though. DivX Audio used the same ACM format ID as the official WMA, so all of your AVIs with DivX Audio will play fine and simply be identiefied as Windows Media Audio V2. To encode in the format, just choose Windows Media Audio V2 instead of DivX Audio.

I guess we should thank DivX for not hacking it far enough to create its own format ID which'll make it tough to replace it, like with DivX video.

Forgotten Title
03/25/2001 6:15 pm

Today, I had this one scene from unknown anime that suddenly popped into my head, and I couldn't remember where it was from...

It was a scene with a girl whose father is getting remarried, and she's very, uhhmm, father-con as we say, so she's upset about it. The would be brother-in-law is a rocker guy. They get to know each other and realize how similar they are, and things starts to work out, etc.

I knew it was from something recent, but couldn't remember. To Heart? Hana Yori Dango? Fushigi Yuugi? Ayashe no Ceres? (nah, I haven't even seen that one) It's funny how things come back in pieces. I suddenly remembered that it had something to do with Anno or Gainax. And so, yeah that's it. KareKano.

I actually didn't like the show much, but this one scene (or this story that spans couple of episodes) was done really beautifully. In fact, that was about the only part I enjoyed out of KareKano. I gotta watch those episodes again.

And we are back
03/20/2001 12:24 am

Been a while since the site went down, but it's back up finally. Lost all of my weblogs, but everything else is back or will be back soon.

Some new items are up. The rip guide is complete and with some updates. And I have a new article fun with temporal cleaner that describes the temporal cleaner filter of the VirtualDub.

See my room
02/08/2001 10:05 pm

I've finally gotten a digital camera. I've always thought about getting one, but I just didn't quite get the enough push for me to go out and shell out.

Well, today I finally got that push at my work. (I do web development for a company) I was asked to do a virtual tour of a hospital facility, and I found this great software from mgisoft.com that does exactly what I need and so cheap. So I go ask my superior to get me a digital camera for it, since we didn't have in-house photographer any more. Well, he says he had to go ask so and so who's above him. So at that point I thought fuck it and got one myself. (hehe, so you see, now the other guy in the other department asks me for one, I can tell them to fuck off ;-)

But anyway, this software from mgisoft.com is brilliant. I haven't seen a good software like this for a long time. Here's a 360° view of my room. (don't worry. there's nothing violating) It only took me like 5 minutes to set that up!

Excel Saga
01/30/2001 11:19 pm

I've added Excel Saga to my all time essetial anime list. The show's just all around unique and funny. I think this show's going to be talked about for years. (at least for those who "get it")

I sure hope that ADV do it right on this one.

Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec Pack
01/21/2001 6:24 am

Here's an article on the Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec Pack. It seems that the newest decompressor which comes with WMP7 re-enables the MS-MPEG4 V3 playback, so I've done some investigation and came up with the codec pack.

It is my opinion that DivX should be put to rest, and MS-MPEG4 V3 or V2 are the only codec people will need. For V3, we can always just replace the Microsoft codec with added hacks. There's no reason to install a new codec in addition.

Tips on using WMP7
01/20/2001 7:45 am

I will be using Windows Media 8 for my upcoming posts (there will not be anymore big DVD quality posts) which can only be played back with WMP7. Quality is unparalelled with such small size, but the WMP7 interface suck. So I've made an article describing how to use WMP7 only for WMV files. There really is no downside on installing WMP7 with following the method described there. You'll be able to continue using 6.4 with everything except for WMV.

Flash 2
01/13/2001 5:12 pm

Alright, new flash intro. That's my shot at Naru fan-art ;-) Yeah, the hair is too short, but I got lazy... My next project is going to be fan-art of Merle (better yet, Meruru) from Escaflowne. She's pretty simple, so that's a good one for me to learn the tricks on. Naru's actually not that simple because of her hair, so it wasn't a real good choice for me at this point. (and that's my second art, first one is the one on the right) Once I get a hang of it, I think I'll take a shot at an original character.

01/02/2001 3:53 pm

Some Flash fun. This was my first try so give me a break ;-) I'll try another one real soon.

Fast Batch Upload to FDS
12/07/2000 6:01 am

I've just posted an article on the Articles page on how you can do batch upload to FDS, and fast. So if you've been stressed with the terrible upload performance with myspace.com, check it out.

Amazing Nurse Nanako - 03
11/25/2000 6:11 pm

Eps 3 of the Nanako has been posted to aba & abma. Next eps is expected tomorrow.

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