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anime impressions 2001
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Title Episodes Rating
Metropolis Movie
Great to see works of Tezuka Osamu getting a modern and real treatment, unlike Cyborg 009 which has gotten throw-away, commercial attempt that falls short. I loved Black Jack, and this out does it by miles. It is very true to his original work (or his usual style rather, as I've never read the original) with epidemic and extremely smart story filled with ironic twist that doesn't necessarily have any moral message, which is really Tezuka's trademark. It makes you think in reaction to how ironic the events are, but having moral message is secondary to making that happen.  And with lovable characters that are well developed through the show. It is then matched up with awesome plot, music, and one of the best CG work. I yarn for more of this.
Arjuna 13
One of the major highlight to kick start the year. The production was extremely tight throughout the mostly episodic show. The major theme on environment is very unique and raises real world issues to be digested by the viewer. The ending didn't quite live up to the overall deep and mysterious major story of the show. However, taken as episodic experience it provides for the most original show this year that is beautiful and thought provoking.
Now and Then, Here and There 13

The show is extremely thought provoking. Once you get into the show, you can't shift away constantly worrying about what's going to happen next to the well developed characters that you can relate to, thrown into the world that most of us can't. This is a show that could change your thinking. Even though it began in 2K and ending this year, I have not seen a better show since for 2001.

There was so many different ways it provoked you. Events took place often that there was no way you could not have had strong reaction. One scene in particular that is burned to my memory and keeps coming back is the little girl with a big gun scene. (eps 10 or 11) It keeps me wondering about how else that event could have lead, even though in many ways it was meant to be and you had the feeling it would be like this since you found out about the story with the girl. Both sides did what they thought was right, and I can't argue with either side.  It's brutal.

Fruits Basket 26
Only downside is the ending. Must see the manga for the true ending of the serie. With Kare Kano and this show, shoujo anime has really shifted into a new level. Also has brilliant music associated with it as well.
Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away) Movie
Above expectation for today's Ghibli, but cannot match what it once was. But who possibly could? Early on it has a very strong showing that feels like Ghibli at its usual best ala Totoro. Story is quite weak especially toward the end where it barely makes sense at all and doesn't seem to come together. The movie is very much directed toward 14 or younger, and I can see how this can work well for them. It is very cute, mystical, and adventurous.
Mahou Shoujo Neko Taruto 12
This one's a sleeper. A great show throughout.
Jungle wa itsumo harenoti Guu 26
This is the kind of show that I love to see for comedy, where entire show is dedicated to it like Excel Saga and Digi Charat. There's nothing heavy handed here.
Kokoro Library 12
A lot of people love this show, and many also hate it. I thoroughly enjoyed the great characters in the relaxed and warm atmosphere. Story is also very strong as well.
Britz Tactic Najika 12
Great character development. The panty thing I didn't dig early on, but once you get used to it, it gives a unique feel to the show that is much more than shots of white undies in practically every scene. Relationship between Najika and Rila kept on showing clear progress (unlike that in Noir) leading up to the great ending.
Mahoromatic 12
Scryed 26
I found the point of this show to be disagreeable, especially because the show is mainly for kids. However, the show does have many great qualities in all other areas that makes the show very enjoyable. Action scenes in this show is especially great.
The Soul Taker 13
Extra star for the originality of the visual presentation that seems to borrow from american cartoons like Batman and Spawn. While the mood of the show had dramatic direction like that of Eva with great result. Development of story seemed rushed (or moving too fast), and did not effectively make the viewer feel the epic plot, however the ending was wrapped up nicely.
Noir 26
I would put this on two stars if it wasn't for the way it all came together at the end. I think this show would've been better at 13 episodes with unrealistic gun fights cut out. The show has great character design, visuals, and music. But that alone isn't enough to keep the interest for 26 episodes made of thin content.
Angelic Layer 26
Everything seemed to happen as you would expect with no surprises for most of the show. In other word the show is too normal and formulaic. Extra star for the ending which threw in the complex issue of mother/daughter relationship. I think people would have different reactions to what the mother did, and that is excellent. The feel of the show became very dark once climax surfaced.
Geneshaft 13
The show is fantastic in its production value giving it a very dark atmosphere throughout the show. The heavy metal music I learned to enjoy quite a bit. Designs, episodic story, CG, music, initial plot, they were all great. Though the story was not developed much through out the show down to the ending.
Comic Party 13
Pretear 13
Mahou Senshi Ruie 24
This show certainly could've been a lot better. At the end, I felt it dismissed making any conclusion on items that I felt needed further explanation. I thought there'll be some hidden agenda behind Aila (what with whole ED being of her face), but nothing. In fact, throughout the show there was too little background story of the main characters shown, such as why Merl's such a pig for money.
Galaxy Angel 24
Not a whole lot to be highlighted. Fairly cute, fairly funny, not much else.
Sister Princess 26
Blah... I just don't see anything good about this show that excels at nothing. It was the toughest show to sit through this year. If I could've gotten at least a laugh, but no.
Angel's Tail 12
Please, no more...

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